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- Wide range of voice duration from 3Secs to 500Secs.

Adequate I/Os provide design flexibility.

- High quality voice playback.

- Embedded MCU for various applications.

- Especially suitable and good for most simple Toys applications.


 - Huge data storage provides adequate capacity for data base.

10 – 15bit DAC and PWM provides crystal clear audio output.

With powerful DSP engine, fast, complex and demanding applications are easy achievable.

Provide extra long voice duration with multi-channel melody (2-channel voice/Melody and 4- channel wave table melody).



- 16-bit DSP based low cost solution.

Internal and external LCD driver are available for design flexibility.

- High compression rate provides huge data (voice and program) storage capacity.

- Firmware is upgradable with aid of USB download feature.


- Multi-channel (4, 12 & 24)Melody and Midi synthesizers.

Excellent for various of applications (organs & infant musical products)

Easy development

- 10-12bit push pull DAC audio output

10-12 bit PCM / 5 – 6bit ADPCM


- Matured & proven design since 2003

- Complete patent coverage in various big countries [USA, UK, German, etc]
- Benchmark printing quality via our unique code structure
- Benchmark system performance including low operation current, high detection angle, low error rate, etc.
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